Who is this person anyways?

Hello, and welcome to my wordpress! In an effort to avoid appearing out of nowhere with a series of out-of-context posts without a readily visible theme, I’d like to begin this venture by explaining who I am, why this is here, and how I intend to use it!

I am currently a first-semester fourth-year student at Earlham College in Richmond, IN double majoring in Comparative Languages & Linguistics (Two-Language Concentration in Spanish and Mandarin) and Theatre Arts (Dramaturgical Concentration). This semester, I’m writing a linguistics thesis analyzing differences in emoticon usage in English and Chinese. Next semester, I’m going to do partially-funded theatre research including a thesis and a conference presentation on theatrical translation, featuring as a case study the new work “Jiang Gong’s Face” (将工的面子). I work for my college’s Computer Science Department’s Pedagogical Tools group and as a Web Strategy Planning and Implementation Consultant for the Theatre Arts Department, and I volunteer a few hours a week at a Coffee Co-Op. I particularly enjoy technical writing, which I, luckily, get to do lots of at both of my jobs. I also love music and am fascinated by educational theory and educational technology. My Linkedin profile is a good way to find out what I’ve done professionally, and my Degreed is a good way to find out what I’ve studied.

I tend to be an independently-driven learner and chose to attend college because of the access I have to resources and classes on things that can’t be learned effectively (or at least very easily) on one’s own. I’ve lately been increasingly bothered by my lack of a way to share the development of my learning process or cool things I find, other than direct description to the people with whom I learn. Initially, I tried to start a Youtube channel for my thesis as a way of sharing one particular process and what I’ve learned from that, but I found that it was hard to find quiet locations on campus where I could record videos, since my dorm is a particularly active building, and that I didn’t really feel compelled to share in this format. While Youtube channels reach wide audiences easily, videos aren’t my preferred form of learning or communication, so it makes sense that I wouldn’t feel particularly moved to share actively in video form. Written words, on the other hand, are very much my preferred form of both learning and, in many cases, communication, and thus experiment two has begun: I have a wordpress.

Posts here will be divided into two main categories as of right now: Process, about my journey as a learner, and Sharing, wherein I (just as the name implies) share cool, fun, and/or interesting things I’ve recently read and learned! I’ll tag them “Process” and “Sharing” respectively, but will also add other tags according to the specific topic. Ideally, the things I’ll share will be sufficiently interesting that people will care about them, but creating a written record for myself could also be valuable, so I’m not going to put a huge focus on finding followers/subscribers, but anybody who’d like to join is welcome!

Thanks for reading!


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